Features・Configuration / List View

When searching data, the data that matches the search criteria is displayed on the list view, and there are various functions on the list view.


① Total number of items displayed
The name of the resource currently displayed and the number of items corresponding to the search criteria are displayed in parentheses.


② Filter
This is displayed on the Job and Candidate list view only.
This function is used to refine the search by displaying specific processes only.


③ Add New button
It is used when adding new data. It is the same function as "New" in the global menu.


④ Select All・Unselect All
These functions are used when selecting / unselecting the check boxes of the data displayed on the list view.


⑤ Bulk Action
This menu is used to execute bulk action on the data displayed in the list view.



⑥ Link to Customize View
Customize screen of the current list view can easily be accessed by clicking this link.
※ Customization is accessible to the System Administrator user only.



⑦ Print View
This is used when printing the list view screen.
For detailed print settings, please check the setting for each browser.



⑧ Refine Phase check box
You can further narrow down the list of search results by phase. The screen switches by just selecting and deselecting the check boxes.



⑨ Data selection check box
This is a check box to be used when selecting data to be subjected to Bulk Action.



⑩ Action Menu
"This is an action menu for performing operations related to the selected data.
You can change the menu name, order, display hide in the action menu by customization."


⑪ Title
The title for identifying the corresponding data is displayed.
Items that can be displayed as title as shown below.
※Since the item names can arbitrarily be changed, it may differ from the example below.

Resource The item that becomes the title Example of the display
Client The item that becomes the title Company X
Recruiter (Client) Name of the recruiter in client company Recruiter A
JOB Job position Sales Executive
Personal Data Person name John Smith
Candidate Resume title John Smith (10001)
Process Person name and client company name separated with a "/" John Smith/Company X
Sales Sales ID/Contract ID 10022
Activity Subject Contact in regards to consultation meeting

⑫ Clip Function
The clip function can be used to pin data on the list view of Client, JOB, Candidate, Process and Activity only.

If you pin some data, you can search for the pinned data from the search sreen.
Pinned items are operated per user and cannot be shared.



⑬ Duplicate Function
This function is displayed on Personal Data and Candidate Screens only.
For details on how to process duplicate check, please refer to Duplicate Check



⑭ Items displayed on list view
Items set on the customization screen are displayed. The display items and the layout can be changed from customization screen.


⑮ Refine Search icon
When you click on the search icon on the left side of the screen, the search screen maintaining the previous search criteria is displayed.
This is convenient when you want to refine search by changing some criteria in the current search results.


⑯ Matching function
The matching function can be used on the list view of JOB and Candidate.



⑰ Display of the number of processes in each process stage
This is displayed only on JOB and Candidate list view screens. The number of ongoing processes for the corresponding data is displayed.


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