With the matching function of HRBC, you can search a JOB for a specific Candidate or find a candidate that matches a specific JOB.
In HRBC, when looking for jobs that match candidates, it is called "JOB search", and when looking for candidates that match jobs, it is called "Resume search". Although it depends on whether the candidate or JOB is the point of reference , the basic operation method is the same.
It is also possible to send a JOB description email from the list of matching results.
For the operation methods including the systematic flow, please check each page below:

How to search jobs that meet candidate requirements and email the job description to the candidate

How to search candidates that meet a Job description requirements and email the job description to the candidate

■ Candidate-Job matching search screen
When you click "JOB Search" or "Resume Search", the search screen is displayed on the left side and a quick view screen with details of selected data on the right side.
The layout of the items displayed on the search screen during candidate-job matching is somewhat different, but the items are the same as those displayed on the regular search screen.
Please note that unlike regular search, you can not save a search criteria.


■ Candidate-Job matching search results (Matching List)
When you do a search, results are displayed as a matching list at the bottom of the corresponding data on the list screen.
Jobs whose selection process has already been created are not displayed in the matching results.
The display items of the matching list can be changed by editing the customization Sublist. However, if the number of items is large, scrolling down to display will be necessary, so the item display on the matching list is kept to the minimum necessary and for detailed view we recommend that you take advantage of the quick view.
Also, if you place the cursor between each item, it is possible to adjust the width of the screen.


■ Quick View
If you want to compare the details of the Job displayed as a result of the candidate-job matching with the details of the Resume, click the overlapped squares icon on the left side of the matching list.
If there are multiple results, you can change to different Job details by clicking on the overlapped squares icon of the Jobs displayed.
You can also check attachments and selection process from the Quick View.


■ Action Menu
If you want to make individual correspondence after candidate-job matching, please use the action menu "▼" button displayed on the left side of each record in the matching list.
When adding a selection process individually from the matching list or adding a selection process at the time of sending email, the corresponding record will be grayed out.


■ Bulk Action
From "Bulk Action", you can execute bulk process such as sending email of multiple records in the matching list collectively.
Unlike when processing individually, the record of bulk action does not gray out.


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