【Important!】 Maintenance and Complete Shutdown of PORTERS

We are writing to inform you of a maintenance of the PORTERS system that will result in a complete service interruption. This maintenance is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the security and reliability of our services. We understand the inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


■ Details

For the purpose of enhancing our security measures, we will be performing a database transition.


■ Schedule

Saturday, 2024/08/10 22:00 ~ Sunday, 2024/08/11 6:00 JST

Note: Operations are expected to conclude within the specified period, with services resuming immediately thereafter.


■ Scope of Impact

There will be a comprehensive cessation of PORTERS services, including all features of the application and API.



Behavior and Points to Note During Maintenance for Various Functions and the PORTERS Apps

  • Batch Processing
    Any ongoing batch processes (such as import, export, bulk update, bulk email sending, etc.) will be interrupted once the service downtime is reached. Please plan to complete these processes before the service downtime.

  • API
    Access attempts during maintenance will result in errors. Therefore, for example, it is recommended to display a notice indicating maintenance on the job seeker’s public site entry form in advance, as necessary.

  • Web Parts
    For web pages that have Web Parts deployed, the job list will not be displayed. The entry form will appear, and it will be possible to input information and reach the registration completion stage on the screen; however, the data will not be reflected in PORTERS, and an entry error notification email will be sent. Please consider taking measures in advance, such as displaying a maintenance notice on the site pages where Web Parts are deployed.

  • IMEX / CV-Parsing
    Data entered during maintenance will be imported after maintenance is completed. JOB postings will also be integrated after maintenance. The management screen and CV-Parsing screen will display a maintenance notice during this time.

    During maintenance, both the applicant-facing screens and the management screens will display a notice indicating maintenance. A message such as “Please access again after ○ o’clock” is planned to be shown.

    If email delivery is scheduled during maintenance work, it will result in error and will not be sent.
    E-mail deliveries that were not sent due to errors are displayed as "Failed" in the delivery history on the MA settings screen. (However, if a delivery is scheduled for 8/10 (Sat) at 22:00, the pre-delivery-preparation process will begin at 21:00, and the email will be sent at 22:00.)  If mail delivery is scheduled for the scheduled maintenance time, please consider temporarily suspending the mail delivery beforehand.
    Additionally, attempting to access the management screen during maintenance will result in an error and will not be displayed.

  • RAN System Integration App
    Integration will occur after the completion of maintenance.

  • Third-Party Apps
    For third-party apps, please contact the developer/provider for more information. Our company is currently contacting the developers/providers sequentially. When contacting the developer/provider, please mention the name of the app and that the inquiry is related to this maintenance.


We sincerely regret any disruption this may cause and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

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