Features・Structure /New List View

This page explains the screen structure and features of the New List View.

①List titles/No. of Records ⑪ Add New ㉑Sort/Filter/Color Setting
②Search Condition Sidebar Print Preview ㉒Quick Field Edit
③ Current List Order・ Search Condition Bulk Action ㉓Phase Groups
④ Confirm or Review Search Condition ⑭ID Copy / Share ㉔Enlarge Image
⑤Save Search Condition ⑮Reset ㉕Dashboard
⑥Share Search Condition ⑯Check box for selecting data ㉖Email
⑦My Search Conditions ⑰Display All / Fold Display ㉗Calendar
⑧Phase Check Box ⑱Pin ㉘See More
⑨Set the No. of Records to be displayed ⑲Action Menu  
⑩ Reload ⑳! (Duplicate) Button  



① List titles/No. of records

The Menu name is displayed to the left of 「List」. The number of records is displayed inside the brackets ().


② Search Condition Sidebar

The current search condition and the saved search condition e.t.c are displayed in③~⑧.
If you do not wish to display them, use the ◀ icon to hide them.


③ Current List Order・ Search Condition

The current list order and search condition are displayed here.


④ Confirm or Review Search Condition

This option opens the search page with the current search criteria. If you wish to add new search criteria or edit existing one, use this option.


⑤ Save Search Condition

The search condition currently in operation can be set. Please check how to add new search condition for more details. 

⑥ Share Search Condition

The shared search conditions are displayed here. Refer to sharing search conditions for more information


⑦ My Search Conditions

The search conditions created by you and not shared with other users are displayed here.
Refer to my search conditions for more information.


⑧ Phase Check Box

Check the boxes as necessary to narrow down the contents to be displayed.
The number of records is displayed in the brackets ().

⑨ Set the No. of Records to be displayed

This feature enables the user to set the number of records to be displayed on the screen. A maximum of 500 records can be displayed.
※ More than 501 records cannot be displayed. If you wish display other records, consider narrowing down the search by date of registration e.t.c  to make the search results fall within 500 records.


⑩ Reload

This feature makes it possible to reload the page while the sort and filter have been implemented. Even if new data is included, the display is shown in the order set in the sort and filter.


⑪ + Add New

This feature opens the screen to add new data. It is same as the 「Add New」 feature on the global menu.


⑫Print Preview

Use this feature to print the list view. Please check your browser for detailed print settings.


⑬Bulk Action

This feature opens the bulk actions such as Export, Bulk update, Bulk delete for the data displayed on the list view screen. 


⑭ID Copy / Share

Check the data in the list screen and click the "Copy ID" button to copy the ID of the selected data.
Click the "Share" button to copy or share the shared link via email.


⑮ Reset

This option deletes the current sort and filter settings.

⑯ Check box for selecting data

This check boxes are used when selecting records for bulk action.
The upper most check box is used to select and unselect all the records displayed on the screen.


⑰ Display All/Fold Display

The information that cannot be displayed in full appears with 「・・・」but all the information can be displayed by clicking the downward facing arrow icon . When done, use the same icon to fold the display.__18.png


⑱ Pin

If you wish to review some data later, click the pin icon to turn it on and you can search for the pinned data.
This feature applies to the user only and the pinned data cannot be shared with other users.
Pin can be used on Client, Job, Candidate, Process and Activity pages.


⑲ Action Menu

This feature is for performing some action on a record. 
The menu name and order of appearance can be set in the customization screen.


⑳ ! (Duplicate) Button

This feature appears only on the Candidate contact and Candidate Resume pages.
Please refer to how to handle duplicate data for more information. 


㉑ Sort/Filter/Color Setting

The Sort/Filter/Color Setting screen opens.


㉒ Quick Field Edit

Fields can be edited right on the list view screen. Please see more information on how to edit fields here

㉓ Phase Groups

This feature shows the stages at which recruitment processes have advanced to and the number of processes at each stage. 
Please refer here for more information about phase group.


㉔ Enlarge Image

Images displayed on the list view can be enlarged by clicking on them.


㉕ Dashboard

This opens the dashboard. The phases of JOBs, Candidates and Recruitment process together with the number of records in each phase are displayed on the dashboard. A graph is also displayed here. The dashboard feature can be used to track the general KPI of the company.


㉖ Email

The user's mail box opens from here.  The user can confirm the emails sent from and received in PORTERS.


㉗ Calendar

Calendar is opened from here. The phases of ongoing recruitment processes and activities can be displayed on the calendar feature.


㉘ See More

By clicking the 「See More」 button, the continuation of the data in the current display is shown.
A maximum of 1000 records can be shown. If there are more than 1000 records and you try to display them, an error will appear. 


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