Scheduled termination of the list View (Old)



Thank you very much for using PORTERS HR-Business Cloud (hereinafter referred to as "HRBC").
We will terminate the service of the list view (old) on the following date.


【List View (Old) Scheduled service end date】
Monday, June 13th, 2022

After the above scheduled service termination date, you will be moved to the New List View and will not be able to use the current list view (Old).
The New List View provides Excel-like sorting, filtering, color setting, and editing functions that were not available before.
In order to use it, you need to switch to New List View.


The list View (Old) is scheduled to be discontinued on June 13, 2022 (Monday).



【How to switch settings to New List View】

From the Customize screen [Menu & List view], you can set the menu to New List View by switching the switch of the menu to [ON].



If you want to check the New List View, click [Preview] to see the list screen display.
※Please note that editing data on the preview screen will overwrite the edited data.



The items in the New List View list screen can be set from the [List view] tab by clicking the [Edit icon].




【New List View Upcoming Feature Updates】

The following updates are planned to make it easier for you to work with New List View.


【Schedule of updates①:Addition of functions to "send bulk e-mail" and "add bulk Process" after matching.】
We are planning to update the New List View so that you can send a bulk email and add a bulk process after matching.
And, we are also planning to improve the process of picking up records that require time to send emails or add processes.


【Schedule of updates②:Improved display of "Multi Line Text item"】
We are planning to improve the display of "Multi Line Text" item in New List View.



【Schedule of updates③:Improvement of the "Add Process screen"】
In the New List View, we are planning to improve the "Add Process" screen when adding a process from resumes and jobs.


【Schedule of updates④:Improvement to the "Matching screen".】
We are planning to improve the "Matching screen" after resume and job matching in the New List View.


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