About HRBC contract cancellation

The usage period of the monthly contract of PORTERS HR Business Cloud by shall be six (6) months or more from the date of commencement of billing of the first user account (“Date of Commencement of Billing”), and the Terms shall apply throughout the period of use.

If the Customer purchases a term license, the period set up at the time of purchase of such a term license (“License Period”) shall be deemed to be the usage period.

Please check the Terms of use for details.

Before the lapse of the first six (6) month from the Date of Commencement of Billing, the Customer may terminate the use of its user accounts by paying the usage charge for the usage period in full.


1. Submission of the cancellation request

Download cancellation form *Japanese only

●Please submit the original form to Porters. Postal mail is acceptable.

●Please fill in the cancellation form date with the date of submission to Porters.
Please use the posting date in case of postal mail.

●The Contract cancellation procedure will be carried out per the “Period of Use and Termination of Use” in “PORTERS HR Business Cloud Terms of Service”.


2. User ID end-of-use date

Please edit the user’s End-of-use date in the user profile page. This will not include the last user(s); it(they) will be automatically terminated on the date of termination of use.

The End-of-use date can only be set to a future date.


3. Applications end-of-use

If you are useing several Applications, you need to terminate the use of each Application.

Please note that procedures of termination may differ depending on the Application.


4. API end-of-use

Since the API holds the access right to your HRBC Database, you need to contact Porters after removing the access rights.

As a matter of procedure, please apply at least 3 business days before cancellation of the HRBC contract.


4-1. Remove the API access right to your HRBC DB.

Please use OAuth API to remove the assigned access scopes.

For details, please refer to the "Unsubscribe from Application" and "OAuth" section of the API specification sheet.

If you use multiple APIs, please remove access rights for each API.


4-2. After removing the access rights, please send an email with the following format to Porters HRBC support.

To : hrbc-support@porters.jp

Title : HRBC API end-of-use/HRBC API 利用終了申請

Text :

【HRBC API end-of-use/HRBC API 利用終了申請】
Company Name:
Company ID:

App Name or APP ID:
Date of remove access rights:
*If you use multiple APIs, please list all the information.

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