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Year 2021

Maintenance Release / Incident Report

Maintenance Release

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Incident Report

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Porters System Operation Trainings

Using PORTERS - for Beginners

PORTERS Data Structures

PORTERS Features and Screen Structure

About Logins and User Menu

Data Management

Managing Activity Records

Candidate - Job Matching / Managing Process Records

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Managing Sales Record

Using PORTERS - Explained by Functions

Register / Search / Delete Records / Matching

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Creating PDFs on PORTERS / Uploading Attachments to PORTERS

About PORTERS Emails / Bulk Emails

Importing from / Exporting Data to PORTERS

Bulk Update / Bulk Delete

Calendar / Dashboard / Report Functions

Customizing PORTERS

Editing Company Profiles, Users, and Departments


Customization : Overview

Customization : Screen ・ Fields

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List View - Sample Template

Customization : Others



Web Parts

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PORTERS Terms of Service / Termination

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