User List (Verification/Modification/Termination of User Information)

Checking the User List

System administrators can check the list of their company's PORTERS users and confirm and change each user's information.

You can check the user list by selecting the "User" menu from the settings (gear icon) in the upper right of the PORTERS screen.


The following operations are possible from the "User" menu.

  • Viewing the user list (including users who have finished using)
  • Adding User IDs
  • Change of each user's information, confirmation of login history, notification of password change, forced logout, unlocking of account


【User List】


  • Up to 200 items per page
  • The priority of display order is as follows
    ①Usage status: Active users are at the top, users who have finished using are at the bottom
    ②Department: The order of user departments is in the order they were created
  • For determining billing targets, only the start and end dates of each user's use are used.
    Please be careful not to forget to enter the end date for users who are not used, as the login status of each user is not reflected.
    ※Even if you do not actually log in, you will be billed if you do not have an end date.
    Also, there is no daily calculation within the month, so the monthly fee does not change whether you start using on the 1st or the 25th.

Adding User IDs

Please check Adding User IDs separately.


Setting the End of User ID Usage

Please check Setting the End of User ID Usage separately.


User Action Menu

On the user list screen, the action menu opens when you click the "▼" button on the left end of each user.




You can edit user information. Please correct the necessary items and save them.

If you want to end the use (close) of an active user, you also set the end date from this menu.

※When changing the user type, please make sure in advance that at least one system administrator user exists.
If all users become standard users, you will not be able to use "Apps" and "Settings".

※Even if the end date is set, you can continue to use or reuse the corresponding user ID by leaving it blank and resaving it.
However, if the end date of the user ID that was terminated is blank and saved, a monthly usage fee will be incurred.
If you save it once blank, a monthly usage fee will be charged even if you close it on the same day, so please be careful.



■Login History

Displays the IP address and login time history when the corresponding user ID is logged in.

The last login date is also displayed on the user list.

※Login history cannot be downloaded.


■Change Password and Notify

Use this when you want to notify the password to the user who has registered for use in advance, or when the user has forgotten the password.

This function is to change the password and notify it.

There is no function to notify the current password, so please understand in advance.


■Force Logout

Use this when you want to force the corresponding user to logout.
This function allows a user type "System Administrator" to force a "Standard User" to logout,
When this function is used, a notification email is sent to the system administrator user within all users that a forced logout has been implemented.
The notification email also contains the new password.

Users who are forced to logout are automatically transitioned to the login screen without any messages being displayed.The PORTERS password is also changed, so you will not be able to log in.

If there is a possibility that a non-legitimate user has logged in, we recommend that you use this function to force a logout and then apply IP access restrictions.


■Unlock Account

If you enable "Account Lock" in the password security settings, the user account will be locked when the number of login failures exceeds the specified number.

Use this function when you want to unlock the account.



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