PORTERS Data Structure and Menus

PORTERS data has a hierarchical structure.

■Data Structure
Data in each level is linked to the other levels in a hierarchical manner.



There are 3 levels on the client side.


Basic information about the client example name and address is registered here.
※Contract information is registered as client related information in the client sublist.

Recruiter (Client)
This is the person in contact on Client's side. Name and address of the person are entered here.
It is possible to have several contact people linked to one client.

Job position and other detailed information about the job is registered here.
It is possible for several job items to be linked to one recruiter.
JOB is the only item on client side that is used in matching and search.


The Candidate side has 2 levels.


Personal Data
Candidate's name, contact information and address are registered here.

Candidate's education history, work history and desired work details are registered here.
Multiple candidate sets can be registered under one Personal Data.
Application example: In case where a currently registered candidate until recently has been working full time but from now the candidate wants to work as dispatch worker.
This is the only item on Candidate side that is used in matching and search.


"Resume Search" to find candidates that match a specific JOB and "JOB Search" to search for JOBs that match a specific candidate can be done.

The selection processes after matching are registered here.
Only one selection process can be created for a combination of JOB and candidate.


When a process is successful and the candidate joins the company, sales information is recorded here.
Multiple sales records can be registered under one process.

Correspondence history with client side or candidate side is recorded here.
When registering a new activity, you can select which resource to link it to. However, one activity can be linked to only one resource data.


■Data Input and Deletion

Data input is done from the upper levels systematically to the lower levels. Data deletion is done from the lower levels systematically to the upper levels.



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