Common Errors During Import

For errors during import, please refer to this list of how to deal with common errors during import
Note that it is possible for multiple errors to occur to the same data.
※ [Resource Name] refers to the relevant Client, Recruiter, JOB, Person, Candidate, Process, Activity, Sales information.

Code Message How to Solve
5 Option conversion setting (mapping) is not correctly done

This error occurs when the option that has been input in the CSV file does not match the corresponding option in HRBC.

Please make the relevant settings accordingly.

100  Only ID with half-width numerical values (0-9) are valid

[ID] with only half-width numerical values are automatically allocated by HRBC when data is registered.
Confirm that no space or values other than half-width numericals are in the CSV data and detail settings.
However, there is a possibility that this error appears even though the ID item was not mapped. This could be due to undetected error by the system.
Check again the item set as key item and settings for duplicate data.

100 There are multiple [Resource Name] whose key items match and therefore import was not done

Key item is set to distinguish the data set from the others.
If different data is detected at the same place as key data, the system is not able to tell which data to work on and therefore this error occurs.
For example, if a candidate is already registered in HRBC and there is data of another candidate with exactly the same names, the name will be imported as the key item.

106  Numbers only are valid

This error occurs when trying to import numerical data like numbers and currency that are not half-width.
Check the CSV data for any data that is not half-width, if the item mapping has been done correctly and if the detailed settings are correct.

106  Only URLs starting with http://, https://, ftp://, file:// are valid

This error occurs when the import URL data has unrecognized character that is not recognized as URL.
Confirm the URL data and the mapping item.

106 The email address is not correct

Items with email address are checked if the domain name etc are correct.
Check the below points and make corrections as necessary.
1. Is the input data half-width alphanumeric?
If it is full width, change it to half-width or do the half-width replacement settings.
2. Is the domain name after the @ mark in existence?
If the domain name is not in existence, the email address cannot be registered. Please confirm the correct email address.
3. Is the email address RFC-compliant?
Emails with such as below could be acquired by mobile carrier some time back, but after 2009, they were all considered as invalid email addresses.
・Addresses that begin with dot (.)
・Addresses with 2 dots (..) consecutively
・Addresses with a dot (.) right after the @mark

106 Only data with half-width numerical values (0-9), half-width hyphen (-), half-width plus sign (+) are valid

This error occurs when trying to import telephone number data that has values that are not half-width.
Check the CSV data in case it has an unwanted characters, if the item mapping was done correctly and if the detailed settings are correct.

110 Date/Time is not correct

This error occurs when trying to import data consisting of iregular input in year/month/day, time and age
HRBC data is separeted by a slash (/), wich may be different from CSV files. In that case, adjust the settings in the advanced settings before importing the data.
The formats that can be set is as below:
YYYY Year MM Month DD Day
YYYY Year MM Month DD Day HH:mm
YYYY Year MM Month DD Day (HH:mm)

116  Mandatory field

The required fields can be changed by customization in HRBC
This error occurs when the required field data is not mapped correctly or is not in the CSV file.
To solve the error, try the following:
1. In order for the targert required field to be imported, input it in the CSV then import it.
2. Temporarily delete the field as a required item.
※Depending on the system administrator, customization may be necessary
3. Change the settings for checking error when importing and select [Do not check for errors when importing]
※Required, word count etc will be ignored

116 [Resource Name] is not recognized, or [Resource Name] item is not designated in the import destination and therefore the [Resource Name] record could not be imported as a new record

In order to input data in HRBC hierarchical levels, the data must already exist in the upper levels of the level you wish to input the data.

In case of import, you can register with the existing data by setting key item and duplicate data processing method, or create new upper and lower hierarchy data at the same time at the time of import.

Example of an error when registerign a resume
Either the person contact information is not recognized or the contact information item is not designated in the import destination and therefore the Resume record could not be imported as a new record.

· If you want to create a new resume linked to an existing personal contact please map the item that becomes the key item of personal contact as well

· If you want to create a new personal contact and a new resume, please map each item of personal contacts as well


Valid value is more than [number]

Valid value is less than [number]
The number of valid characters is more than [number] characters

The number of valid characters is within [number] characters

The number of decimal places is up to [number] digits

The upper and lower limits of numerical values and characters registered in every item can be set in HRBC.
This error appears if the upper and lower limit settings of each item in HRBC do not match those CSV data.

To solve the error, try the following:
1. Correct CSV data according to the settings of the relevant item

2. Change the settings of the applicable item
* Customization by system administrator is necessary

3. Select "Do not check error" in error check setting when importing
※ Ignore required fields, number of characters etc. when importing

126 The phase (current) is not the latest and therefore data import could not be done

This error occurs when trying to update data whose phase or phase date has already been registered with a date older than the registered date or when trying to update the phase without specifying the date.

To solve the error, try the following:
1. Do not import phase and phase date
2. Change the CSV data to a date that is later than the existing phase date
3. If phase date is not mapped, map it

301 Process is already registered

Process in HRBC is registered as a set of JOB and Resume data. Process data is made of one JOB and one resume.

This error occurs when an already existing process data is being registered as a new process.
If you want to overwrite the existing process data, map the key items and do the settings to overwrite matched records.

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