Change of Billing Information

■If you wish to change your billing information■

Please contact the Invoice Issuance Office at by email with the following ①~⑤.
・Please be sure to specify ①~③.
・If you wish to change only ④ or ⑤, there is no need to specify the one that does not require change.

①Your company ID
②Current email address for delivery (If you have requested delivery to two addresses, please specify one.)
③Desired time of change (e.g., from the next time, from the invoice issued in ○ month, etc.)
④The name and email address of the new person in charge
※If you are changing the person in charge, please also provide the email address of the person in charge before the change.
※The delivery email address is up to two.
⑤The addressee after the change
※If you wish to change the contract company name (change of name), please contact our sales representative.


Notes on Billing Information

  • Invoices are sent by email. We do not accept sending of original copies by mail.
  • The invoice is issued at the beginning of the month and sent by email.
    If you do not receive an email even after 3 business days from the beginning of the month, your registered email address may be incorrect.
    For inquiries regarding your registered email address, please contact the Invoice Issuance Office (
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