Change of Recruiter associated with JOB

If you change the Recruiter for a JOB, the Recruiter for the process associated with that JOB will also be changed automatically.

However, for Sales, Recruiter will not be changed automatically, as the intention is to keep the information as it was at the time.


Ex. :

Change the JOB's Recruiter from [A] to [B].


The Recruiter for the Process will automatically change to [B].

The Recruiter for Sales does not change.



When the JOB's Recruiter is changed, a bulk update to change the Recruiter for the Process is automatically performed.



When changing the JOB's Recruiter in bulk update, you need to search by Client ID or Recruiter ID on the JOB search screen.

If you search by anything other than ID, the following message will appear when you select the Recruiter item on the bulk update screen.


Please note that when the contact person for the JOB (hereinafter, Contact) is changed, the Contact for the Process will not be automatically changed.

Also, you cannot bulk update the JOB's Contact.


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