Confirm Sent / Received mail

■ How to check your mailbox

This screen is for the HRBC user to check the emails sent from HRBC and also those received in HRBC.

※ In is necessary to perform settings so as to receive emails in HRBC.

※Currently, HRBC does not have a notification function when a new email is received.

A user can check the sent and received emails on HRBC by clicking the mail icon on the middle left side of the HRBC screen.


Also, when an email address of a recruiter or candidate is registered in HRBC, a corresponding mail box is also created for that address.

If the mail is shared, other users within the company will be able to access the correspondence between recruiters and candidates. Even if mail is received by HRBC user from an address that is not registrered in HRBC, the user can still access it. However, other users who are not recepients of the mail will not access it.

※Although the "share" button is displayed on mail from those whose data is not registered in HRBC, other users who are not recepients of the mail will not see the mail in their shared mail box.
To confirm such mail, please go to the corresponding record and click the mail icon on top of the detailed screen. A mail box different from the HRBC main mail box will open.


If you wish to confirm recruiters' and candidates' mail on HRBC, it is necessary to register the addresses in HRBC.
In case the email addresses changes and you delete from the record to reflect only the new address, the corespondence with the old address will be lost too.
If you wish to maintain the old correspondence, create an item in HRBC such as 'Old mail history' and save all the information there.
If multiple addresses are registered in one "Client contact" or "Personal contact", you can check the history of all the registered addresses.

User's mail box


Client/Candidate mail box


① Mailbox tab
You can confirm from the tab which mailbox is currently open.
If multiple mailboxes are open, you can select the tab to transition to the corresponding mail box.

② Create mail button
New: Create new mail
Reply: Reply to the sender (From) of the mail selected in the mail list
Reply to all: Reply to all the recipients involved which is the sender (From) or CC included in the selected mail in the mail list
Forward: Forward the selected mail in the mail list to another person

③ Search window
A user can search the sent and received mail in their mail box.
Since the search target is the name or e-mail address of "sender", the e-mail address of "recipient", please enter the name or e-mail address and search.
Currently, you can not search within the mail subject or body text.
Mail search is only available in the mail box of the logged in user.

④ Refresh button
It is used when refreshing the mail box.

⑤ Setting button
This is for setting "User mail setting" for receiving mail, and setting user's own signature can be set.

⑥ Display box changeover button
You can switch among "Inbox", "Sent", "All".
When "All" is selected, both the sent mail and the received mail are displayed in one list.

⑦ Sent/Received Emails Icon
This icon is displayed when you select 'All' in the display changeover button options.
Paper airplane icon is sent mail, envelope icon is received mail.

⑧ Share button
Usually, a user can only check their own sent and received mails, and only those users who have sent and received mails by other users.
In HRBC, by "sharing" e-mails, you can also check e-mails sent and received by other users.
A user can set in the mailbox settings to either share or not share emails.
The shared mail can be accessed from detailed screen of recruiter or candidate page but the unshared mail can only be accessed from the users ailbox.
However, if the shared email is not an address registered in HRBC, other HRBC users will not access it.

⑨ Attached file icon
An icon is displayed when a file is attached to the corresponding mail.

⑩ Adjustment of the display width
You can adjust the display width of the mail list and mail details.
However, since the mail list side keeps the minimum width that can display each button and icon, it can not be adjusted further at that position.

⑪ Delete button
You can delete the corresponding mail from HRBC by pressing "×" button.
Mail can only be deleted from the user mailbox.

⑫ Selection to display mail sent by bulk action
If you check "Show bulk mail", mails sent from HRBC by bulk action are also displayed in the list.
If you turn off the check, mails sent by bulk action will not be displayed, only mails sent individually from HRBC will be displayed.


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