【Resume Block】 How to Edit Existing Mail Templates

From HRBC version 5.4.0, it will be possible to use the resume block tag.

It will be possible to send one email that is received by multiple candidates. However, it will be necessary to edit the existing mail templates.

Please perform the mail template edit work after the release of HRBC version 5.4.0.


Existing Templates that Require Editing

The templates which are accessed from the below send email options and contain the {Resume} tag and {Person} tag.

{Resume} tag: Resume/Staff fields tags, {Person} tag: Candidate profile fields tags


 ・Job List view > Action Menu > Send mail to candidate


 ・Job List view > Action Menu > Add Process > Save and send email




【How to Edit】

The email templates opened from the above send email screens are the same and therefore you can open any of them to edit.


1.Open the edit template screen.



2.If there is a {Resume} tag or {Person} tag inside the template, combine it in Resume Block.

Cut the part that contains {Resume} tag and {Person} tag then click the pencil icon on [Edit Resume Block].



3.Paste the previously cut template parts that contain the tags and edit as necessary.

The contents set in the Resume Block will be displayed repeatedly therefore keep one set of the contents only and save.



4.Align the cursor the place you wish to put the Resume Block and click [Set Resume Block].

Format the email contents as necessary and save.



5.When the newly created template is reflected, Resume details for the number of resumes applicable are displayed in the email body at the {{Resume-Block}} tag.



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