【Complete】2017/09/12 HRBC 3.12.22 & Web Parts 1.4.12 Release

We will be carrying out system maintenance.



2017/09/12  00:00~09:00


*Japan Time

*The maintenance time may be slightly off.


*HRBC system can be used throughout the maintenance hours.



■HRBC 3.12.22 Release

1.Set alias when creating a new option type item.

2.Bug fix


■Web Parts 1.4.12 Release

*By Google Translate

  1. Added "smartphone support" style to Web Parts (paid version)

※ It can not be used with Web Parts Light (free version)

  1. Changed the specification so that the screen transition to the error part when the validation error occurs


[HRBC 3.12.22 ReleaseNote]

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