【Done / Fixed】2023/02/14 PORTERS 7.3.0 Release Note

PORTERS Version 7.3.0 will have the following changes.

* "HRBC" has been renamed "PORTERS" since April 1st, 2022.


【Date and Time】
February 14th, 2023(Tue.)06:00~09:00

* 24 hour clock system
* The maintenance time may be slightly off
* Services will be available as usual during the maintenance hours



【New Features】

1.You can "Start using" and "Mobile display item layout settings" on the PORTERS Mobile settings screen.




  • A "Mobile" menu will be added to the settings menu. You can configure settings to "start using" PORTERS Mobile and to "set the layout of displayed items".
    PORTERS Mobile is described in the following release notes.
    2023/2/14 PORTERS Mobile 1.0.0 Release Note

  • To start using PORTERS Mobile, a user with system administrator privileges must set "Start" to "ON" in "Mobile" in the settings menu.
    ※Default is set to [OFF].

  • [ON] to allow users to log in to PORTERS Mobile.
  • If [OFF], all users cannot log in to PORTERS Mobile.


※If IP address restriction is [Active] on the PC, the same IP address restriction will be applied to PORTERS Mobile.

※PORTERS Mobile can be used outside of restricted IP addresses by setting Remote Access to Allow.


  • You can customize the list screen items and detail screen items displayed in PORTERS Mobile.
    ※Staff/Resume can only be displayed in the detail screen.
     Items to be viewed on the go, etc. can be customized for display.
    • Recruiter
    • Job
    • Process
    • Sales
    • Activity
    • Resume  ※Only the detail screen can display items.


2.Settings menu "Customize" will be changed to "Desktop".

With the release of PORTERS Mobile, "Customize" in the Settings menu will be renamed "Desktop".


Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug that caused the text input cursor to move back and forth at high speed when dragging with the mouse when numeric type items are arranged vertically on the edit screen.
  • Fixed a bug that the number of sublists was not updated when a record was deleted from a sublist.
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