【Notice】 Service Outage due to System Maintenance

Thank you for using our services.


Our service will be suspended due to system maintenance.

The following services will be unavailable during the maintenance period.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.


● Services affected by the suspension

○PORTERS [Detail View & Items] Customize Screen

・Client  https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=0

・Contract  https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=12

・PIC(Recruiter) https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=2

・Opportunity https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=17

・Job https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=4

・Personal Data(Person)  https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=6

・Resume https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=13

・Process  https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=8

・Sales  https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=10

・Activity https://hrbc-jp.porterscloud.com/display/layout#type=15


●Service suspension date and time

Sunday, June 25th  22:00~24:00 JST

※Service suspension time may vary depending on the progress of the work. Thank you for your understanding.


●System Maintenance Details

Maintenance for PORTERS ver8.0.0 release

Release Notes: https://hrbc-support.porters.jp/hc/en-us/articles/18322206312729




Q. What happens if I access the above screen during service outage hours?

A. The Maintenance in Progress screen will be displayed.


Q. Will I be notified when maintenance work begins and when it is completed?

A. Sorry, no other notification will be sent out.


Q. What happens to e-mails received during service outage hours?

A. You can receive the emails, but you cannot access PORTERS to check the content of the email.


Q. What happens to imports, exports, bulk updates, bulk deletes, and bulk emails started before the service outage time?

A. Processing will continue as usual.


Q. Will PORTERS Connect API also stop?

A. PORTERS Connect API will not stop.
    For example, automatic importing of resume from an entry form created in Web Parts will run as usual.



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