Regarding the Update to Gmail's "Sender's Guidelines" (From February 2024 onwards)


Last update of this article: January 23, 2024


Google has updated its "Email Sender Guidelines".
It has been announced that new sender requirements for delivering emails to Gmail will be applied from February 1, 2024, and they are expected to be gradually implemented by June 2024.

Regarding the function involved in this matter (email sending), we will inform you based on the content listed in the Gmail Help as of January 17, 2024, about the response status of PORTERS and matters you should be aware of.

Please understand that our company is also trying to interpret the meaning and interpretation of the contents of Gmail Help, and we are unable to provide support for this. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


The following content is extracted from the aforementioned Gmail Help and annotated.


  • From February 2024, Gmail will require senders (bulk senders) who send more than 5,000 emails per day to a Gmail account to:
    【1】Authenticate the sent email,
    【2】Avoid sending unsolicited or spam emails,
    【3】Make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe from email distribution.

    For criteria to be judged as a bulk sender, please check here.
    ◇Google Workspace Administrator Help -> What is a bulk sender一括送信者とは

  • By complying with the guidelines, emails will be properly sent and delivered to personal Gmail accounts. A personal Gmail account refers to an account ending in or

  • By complying with the guidelines, emails will be reliably delivered to Gmail accounts, and you can prevent the sending rate in Gmail from being limited, emails from being blocked, or sorted into spam.



If you send emails without following the guidelines, you will not receive the benefits of following the guidelines. In other words, there is a high possibility that emails will not be delivered.




【1】About "Authenticating Sent Emails"

Please pay attention to the email settings of users who send emails.
If you are using "Office 365" or "Gmail" as your email settings,
there are no points to note about this focus.

If you are using "Other Email Services" or
If you are using the email sending function while "Not Set",
please consider [a] publishing the SPF record of the relevant domain and
[b] enabling DKIM.

We mention this on the following help page.
■ Measures to take if you cannot receive emails from PORTERS

For [c] DMARC compliance, please set it on your DNS server. Please note that it is necessary to do this in conjunction with the above [a] and [b], either both or one of them.
※Please note that we cannot support the setting method on the DNS server side.


As for the ARC header setting, there is no problem.
We completed our response to the PTR record for IP addresses on January 23, 2024.



【2】About "Avoid Sending Unsolicited or Spam Emails"

As this is a matter related to the intention to send emails and the selection of email recipients, we evaluate that it is not something that PORTERS can actively or forcibly respond to. Also, there are no specific plans to add features to assist with this at this time. (However, the response to the List-Unsubscribe header mentioned later is expected to help indirectly.)
Please review and confirm your email sending operation policy as necessary.



【3】About "Making it Easy for Recipients to Unsubscribe from Email Distribution"

Effective May 30, 2024, the following two measures have been implemented.

 For emails sent from the "PORTERS bulk email sending feature" and "emails sent from PORTERS MA", we will display an "unsubscribe link" when sending to Gmail accounts.

• When unsubscribing from the above "unsubscribe link", we will send a "notification email informing of the unsubscription".

For details, please check this page.


We have prepared a document introducing a temporary response method for the period until then. Please use it as a hint for thinking about countermeasures.
* The materials are written in Japanese.



About "Email Format Settings"

The key point is whether the email address you send to (the email address registered in the database on PORTERS) is
in compliance with RFC5322. Therefore, you need to check this in your company.
However, when you register data individually for email type items on the PORTERS screen (for example, in the record add/edit screen), the check function works and it is basically in compliance with RFC5322. (This is because if you try to save an email address of a domain that is not registered with MX record or A record, a message saying "This is not a valid email" is displayed and you cannot save it.)
However, this is not the case for data registration via the import function or various apps. Please note that there is no opportunity for the check function to work.




For more details about this matter, please check and judge the Gmail Help and respond accordingly.



※Please note that our company is also trying to interpret the meaning and interpretation of the contents of Gmail Help, and we are unable to provide support for this.


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