【Done / Fixed】2023/06/25 PORTERS Mobile 2.0.0 Release Note

PORTERS Mobile Version 2.0.0 will have the following changes.


【Date and Time】
Sunday, 06/25/2023 22:00-24:00 JST


* 24 hour clock system
* The maintenance time may be slightly off
 *Access to some of the customization screens will be unavailable during the above times. For more information, please click here.


New Features

1."Contact" , "Contact item", and "Reference  item" that references to the Contact item can be set to display.

- "Contact", "Contact Item" and "Reference Item" related to Contact Item released in PORTERS ver8.0.0 and ver8.0.1 can also be displayed in PORTERS Mobile.

* Please refer to the PORTERS ver8.0.0 and ver8.0.1 Release Note for more information on the above.


①The detail screen of the "Contact" record selected in "Contact Item" can be displayed.

- The "Contact" record selected under "Contact Item" can be displayed.

- You can manage Contact records by inserting the contact information into the Recruiter.

* In order to display this information, additional settings for "Contact Items" must be made on the "Mobile" customization screen.




②Display "Reference item" referencing to a Contact item

- The data of the "Contact" record selected in "Contact Item" can be referenced and displayed.

- For example, the "Job Title" of a selected "Contact" record can be referenced and displayed.

* In order to display them, "contact items" and "reference items" related to the contact items must be added on the "Mobile" customization screen.



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