【Done / Fixed】2023/07/28 PORTERS 8.1.2 Release Note

PORTERS Version 8.1.2 has the following changes.

* "HRBC" has been renamed "PORTERS" since April 1st, 2022.


【Date and Time】
July 28, 2023 (Friday) 06:09~06:38  JST


* 24 hour clock system
* There were no service interruptions during the above time period.


【Specification Change】

  • The maximum date that can be selected in the calendar displayed in date-type items was previously fixed until January 1, 2030, but has been modified to allow selection up to 10 years later.


【Bug Fix】

  • Fixed a bug in that system type items such as "JOB" in the Sales detail screen were not automatically associated with "JOB" when a new Sales was added if they were set to "read-only".

  • Fixed a bug in which the conditions entered into the corresponding reference type item were ignored when performing a search by entering conditions into the reference type items referring to "Date Created" and "Date Updated" on the search screen.
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