How to Set the Duplicate Check Function

In HRBC, there is a function to check if new data on personal contact data of job applicant is duplicated with an existing data.
If it is deemed to be duplicated, the red 【"!"mark / Duplicate】 button will be displayed on the list screen and merge (data integration) can be performed.
※ For details on how to handle duplicate data, please refer to "How to use the duplicate check function".


■Display on the New List View



■Display on the Old List View

Items to be subjected to duplicate check function have to be set, and the duplicate check settings too have to be done.
Click on the setting (gear icon) on the upper right side of the HRBC screen and select "Duplicate check" from the menu displayed.


Currently, items that can be used for duplicate checking are as follows and not just any items can be used.
・"Telephone (Person)" or "Mobile Number (Person)" of personal contact
・"E-mail (Person)" or "Mobile E-mail (Person)" of personal contact
・"Name" and "birth date" of personal contact of resume (only when the two items perfectly match)

If the check box is unchecked, the corresponding item will be excluded from the duplicate check target.
If you uncheck all check boxes, the duplicate check function itself will be invalid because there are no items to check.


Although it is also mentioned in the duplicate check setting screen, duplicate check works when data is newly registered.
The duplicate check function does not work when editing registered data.
Also, even if you edit data that was deemed to be duplicate at the time of new registration, the "Duplicate" button will not automatically disappear.
If you want to get rid of the "Duplicate" button, please perform the "Merge" or "Do not duplicate" operation.

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