Settings for Remote Access


Overview and Important Points to Note

<Overview of Remote Access>

For those who have implemented IP address restrictions, the system administrator user will perform the remote access settings for each user and the when the users access HRBC from a different IP address, a passcode will be sent to the email address registered in HRBC which will allow them access to HRBC.


<Important Points to Note>

The validity period for the passcode is 5 minutes

After inputting the passcode and logging in, the session will expires after 3 hours and it will be necessary to request for a new passcode.

If there is no passcode that can be used,  a passcode will be generated when you access the passcode input screen.

There is no need to input the passcode again within a span of 3 hours.


How to perform the settings

)Make settings to limit access to the company IP address.

It is necessary for HRBC system administrator user to make the settings.This setting is not required for those who already have performed it.)


Please refer to the below page for details about IP address restriction settings.



)Set the remote access. ※It is necessary for HRBC system administrator user to make the settings.


「Settings」menu→「Users」 Click ▼ for the user you would like to grant access to and 「Edit」



From the user Edit screen, select「Allow」Remote access and save.



This is the user list screen after saving the settings which shows the status of Remote Access 



This is the IP address restriction screen which shows the IP addresses with Remote Access 




When a user accesses HRBC remotely and logs in, the following screen is displayed.


At this point the passcode is sent to the user's email address. Please input the passcode  and click「Access HRBC」to be able to login. 

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