How to Set Restrictions for IP Addresses

Important points to note

In HRBC, IP address restrictions can be set for security purposes.
For example, by restricting accessibility to only the IP address used within the company, it is possible to prevent login from outside third parties.

・The IP address restriction is set by registering the IP addresses to grant access to.
・If the IP address restriction is enabled without registering IP address, all users will not be able to log in.
Be sure to register the IP address first before enabling/ disabling IP address restriction."
・If you have in-house system maintenance, please check whether there was a change in the IP addresses and if so, be sure to register the new IP address beforehand.
If you do not register the new IP addresses, all users affected by the change will not be able to log in after the maintenance."

・Even with IP address restrictions, if you set up remote access, specific users will be able to access remotely by issuing a passcode.

Setting method

To make the IP restriction settings,, select "IP Address Restriction" from the settings (gear icon) on the upper right side of HRBC screen.


If there are accessible IP address registered, a list of the registered IP addresses will be displayed.
If you want to add a new accessible IP address, click the "New" button at the top of the screen.


The IP address that the user is currently using and the IP address input frame for the IP to be added are displayed, please input the IP address and save it.
※If you want to register the current IP address, copy and paste it then save it.


IP restriction is not complete by just registering the IP address.
After registering the accessible IP address, click the "Enable / Disable" button at the top of the screen, select "Enable" and save for the settings to be implemented.
※Be sure to register the accessible IP address first before enabling it.



Even if you change the settings to Enable /Disable IP address restriction, the change will not apply to logged in users.
If you want to apply the IP restriction changes to all users at once, use the 'Force other users to Logout' button.

Reference: What is IP address?

HRBC requires users to connect to the Internet in order to access it.
There is a network that connects each PC and servers like a web. When browsing job sites from your PC connects to a certain server and reads the stored data.
There is a network that connects each PC and servers. When browsing job sites etc from your PC, the data is connected to a server where it is extracted and displayed as search results.
An IP address is an identification number attached to each of such networks and it is like an address of the network.

There is global IP address and private IP address. HRBC settings use the global IP address.
A global IP address is an IP address used for Internet connection, and each one is unique and there is no duplication of the addresses in the whole world.
Also, the global IP address has a dynamic IP address whose number changes periodically and a fixed IP address that does not change.
When using the HRBC IP address restriction function, the fixed IP address is used.
Please check with your system administrator or network administrator to confirm your company's network settings.
A private IP address is also called a local IP address and is an address of a private network such as an in-house LAN that can not be accessed from outside and therefore cannot be used for HRBC settings.

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