【Done / Fixed】2023/09/21 PORTERS 8.1.6 Release Note

PORTERS Version 8.1.6 provides the following features



September 21, 2023 (Thursday) 06:00-06:47 JST

* 24 hour clock system
* There were no service interruptions during the above time period.



Bug Fix

-1. This bug occurred when the "Close Reason"(Process.P_CloseReason) setting was set to [Drop down].
The following problem occurred when creating/editing Mail Templates for some send email functions (JOB Email/Candidate Email/Bulk Candidate Email/Bulk JOB Email/Send Email function from Process List).
When "Add New Process" or "Update Phase Update" was enabled (checked) and "Close Reason" (Process.P_CloseReason) Drop-down was not selected,Mail Templates could not be saved. This bug has been fixed.


-2. Fixed a bug in which some custom actions were not displayed in the "Security Group" Permissions settings.


- 3. On the Customized-Action New/Edit screen, "Fields usable inside the URL" was not displaying properly. This bug has been fixed.

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