【Done / Fixed】2024/05/08 ZLOSS v4.1.4 Release Note

The following bugs have been fixed in ZLOSS Version 4.1.4.


■Release Date
Wednesday, May 8, 2024 12:00 - 12:30 JST
There are no service interruptions due to the release.


ZLOSS versions 4.1.4


■Bug fix

  1. Remind mail function before the interview date.
    The following problems that have been occurring in the Remind Mail have been fixed.
    Even if an email template other than the “Default” email template is used, the “Reminder settings” set in the “default” email template are applied.

  2. Processing of the interview appointment screen.
    Fixed a bug in which only the first day of a multi-day appointment was determined to have an appointment when the appointment is scheduled for multiple days.


What we need from you before release

Once the bugs in 1. are fixed, the reminder emails in the email template set in the segment will be applied correctly.

To do so, please check the email template set for each segment in the "Segment" of ZLOSS,


and then, go to the "Email" screen to check the contents of the "When sending a reminder email" and "Reminder settings" of the relevant email template, and modify them as necessary.

If you have multiple email templates, please check each one.

Things to check after release

In case you have not checked the "What we need from you before release" or the corrections have not been made correctly, please take the time to check that the email text and signature in the reminder email are correct.

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