[Remand] 2024/05/17 PORTERS 8.1.10 Release Note


Update as of 2024/05/17 (Fri) 11:30 JST
Today, we released PORTERS Version 8.1.10. However, we have identified issues that appear to be related to this release. As a result, we have rolled back to the previous Version 8.1.9.
The re-release schedule is currently undecided.



PORTERS Version 8.1.10 


Date and Time

Friday, May 17, 2024, 6:00-9:00 JST

*This is in 24-hour format.
*Maintenance times may vary.
*The service will continue to be available during the above times.



Internal Maintenance: Server OS Version Change


Impact of Internal Maintenance

Please understand that changes may occur in areas that are not specified in the PORTERS Connect API Guide, and that we are unable to provide advance notice of these changes.
The changes that we are currently aware of are as follows.

- The API used to return a "414 Request-URI Too Large" error when the size of the request exceeded 32KB, After the release, the error returned will be "400 Bad request".

- The content-type of the Auth API is changed from "text/plain" to "no content-type".

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