【Done / Fixed】 PORTERS 8.1.11 Release Note

* The “notification email informing of the unsubscription” bug that was confirmed as of June 7 has been fixed.


■Issue Duration:
Start Time: 2024/05/30 (Thursday) 08:00 JST
Recovery Time: 2024/06/07 (Friday) 18:00 JST


When sending emails, if the sender’s name is configured, the “Unsubscription Notification Email” fails to be sent even if the recipient clicks on the unsubscribe link. The sender’s information is displayed in the format

“Sender Name <Email Address>.”

However, this issue does not affect emails sent without a set sender name, where only the email address is displayed.


■Regarding Unsent Notification Emails
We are preparing to sequentially dispatch the unsent notifications as soon as arrangements are finalized. We expect to address this within the next week.
We apologize for any inconvenience and will provide further updates once the details are confirmed.




PORTERS Version 8.1.11


Date and Time

Thursday, May 30, 2024 06:00 - 09:00 JST

*This is in 24-hour format.
*Maintenance times may vary.

*Service will continue to be available during the above hours, but the mail function may be temporarily unavailable when the mail server is being updated.
 In such cases, incoming e-mails will be taken in with a delay, but for outgoing e-mails, please check the error displayed on the screen or in the batch e-mail sending result file, and resend the e-mail after the maintenance is completed. (We consider it unlikely that an error will occur.)


Added functions

1. For emails sent from the "PORTERS bulk email sending feature", we will display an "unsubscribe link" when sending to Gmail accounts.

2.When unsubscribing from the above "unsubscribe link", we will send a "notification email informing of the unsubscription".


We have released an implementation in accordance with Gmail's "Make it easy to unsubscribe",
which will be enforced from June 2024.
In addition, we have released a function to notify unsubscribers by notification email when they press the “unsubscribe link”.


The following page summarizes the information on this release.
Please also refer to the following page.

〇 Regarding Compliance with Gmail's Email Sender Guidelines: "Make it easy to unsubscribe"



■Important Notice

We would like to inform customers who have configured Office365 email settings in PORTERS.


In this release, the “List-Unsubscribe” and “List-Unsubscribe-Post” headers will be implemented so that the “unsubscribe link” will be displayed when sending “emails sent from the PORTERS bulk emailing function” to a Gmail account.

However, Microsoft's Graph API, which PORTERS uses for Office365 integration, does not support the List-Unsubscribe-Post header, which is required to display the unsubscribe link.
This is due to specifications on the Microsoft side.
We will continue to look for ways to implement this, but at this time, if you have Office365 integration in your PORTERS email settings, the unsubscribe link cannot be displayed even if it is received by a Gmail account.

If you send more than 5,000 emails per day to your Gmail account, after June 1st, Google may determine that your emails are not delivered as expected or may be classified as spam.

We deeply apologize for this last-minute announcement.


Bug Fix

- Fixed a bug in mail settings that prevented setting with SSL if the mail server only supports TLS1.2.

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