【Done】 2024/05/24 PORTERS MA Release Note


Friday, May 24, 2024 10:00 - 12:00 JST

*This is in 24-hour format.
*Maintenance times may vary.
*The service will continue to be available during the above times.


Added functions

1. For emails sent from the "emails sent from PORTERS MA", we will display an "unsubscribe link" when sending to Gmail accounts.

2.When unsubscribing from the above "unsubscribe link", we will send a "notification email informing of the unsubscription".




We are releasing an implementation in accordance with Gmail's "Make it easy to unsubscribe",
which will be enforced from June 2024.
In addition, we will release a function to notify unsubscribers by notification email when they press the “unsubscribe link”.


The following page summarizes the information on this release.
Please also refer to the following page.


●Regarding Compliance with Gmail's Email Sender Guidelines: "Make it easy to unsubscribe"


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