【Complete】2018/07/10 HRBC 3.12.32 Release

We will be carrying out system maintenance.

2018/07/10 07:00~09:00

*Japan Time
*The maintenance time may be slightly off.
*HRBC system can be used throughout the maintenance hours.

■ We will change the HRBC operation guarantee browser.

[Before change (current)]
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome

[After change]
Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome

* We will not guarantee the operation in browsers other than the above.
Depending on the usage environment, screen display and functions may not be performed normally.

■HRBC 3.12.32 release
1. Inroduction of search window for easy search
2. 「 Absolute match」 of text search criteria
3. HRBC Connect API : For more details about User Read API functio ns
4. Bug Fix


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