【Done / Fixed】2019/03/12 HRBC 4.0.7 Release

HR Business Cloud(HRBC) Version 4.0.7 has the following changes .



2019/03/12  02:00~09:00

*Japan Time
*The maintenance time may be slightly off.
*About 1 hour between 2:00 and 4:00, the following functions can not be used.

・Merging of Personal Info, PIC data
・Mail box
・Send notification email
・Sending of email by clicking the email fields created in Activity and Contract
・Security Group
1 Mailbox access restriction
2 Addition of a new item in the security group restriction

・Fixed the issue of the value set in the Data Conversion Setting page appearing in the export results
instead of a blank space when there is no value in number item.
・Fixed the issue of Response body becoming blank (null) on the event of Activity Read when
Activity.P_EventParticipants(User.P_Id) or Activity.P_EventParticipants(User.P_Id,User.P_Name) is
・Fix the issue that the waiting state continues if there is a problem with SSO authentication
【Release Note】
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