【Done / Fixed】2020/04/21 HRBC 4.0.19 Release Note

HR- Business Cloud ( termed as HRBC) Version4.0.19  will have the following changes.


【Date and Time】

April 21th, 2020(Tuesday)07:00~09:00

※24 hour clock system

※The maintenance time may be slightly off

※Services will be available as usual during the maintenance hours 


【Matching Pro】
  • An icon to access Matching Pro has been added to the top screen among the Job portal sites. 


【Bug Fixes】

  • Fixed the issue that "See more" can now be displayed on the matching list screen such that when there are 5 line breaks and the display is folded back 5 times.
  • Fixed the problem of switching the Database connection when the database fails over.
  • Fixed the issue that the same email was being sent twice(The return of this to the original state has not been actualized and therefore there is a possibility of the error occuring again.)
  • Fixed the issue that when an error occurs during export/bulk mail sending/bulk updates due to long search criteria, the 'terminate process' which was previously done manually has now been made automatic.


Other updates regarding Matching Pro are as follows:
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