【Done / Fixed】2020/09/23 HRBC 4.0.23 Release Note

HR- Business Cloud ( termed as HRBC) Version4.0.23  will provide the following feature.


【Date and Time】

September 23th, 2020(Wednesday)am 07:00~ am 09:00(JST)

※The maintenance times are subject to change.

※Services will be available as usual during the above hours.


【New Feature】

Each screen will be easier to use, allowing you to work in an optimal flow.


1 Search Screen

  • The text you enter turns red.
  • The original search criteria (share/my) will be displayed on the left side.In addition, on the Resume/JOB search screen, the phases of the process will appear on the left side and can be selected with or without an end flag.
  • As in the detail screen, the search screen will be separated by groups.
  • [Phase Date]is added to the order of the original search.
  • Additional search criteria types for date type items.
    • Past X Days
      • Add [1, 3, 14, 180]
    • X Days ago
      • Add [0,1,3,7,14,30,60,90,120,180]
    • Next X Days
      • Add [1, 3, 14, 180]


  • You will be able to share your search criteria.
  • The original search criteria are ordered by name  (UTF-8 character code order). If you want to change the order, you need to assign a sequential number at the beginning of the name.

  • When you click on a search term, it is immediately searched and a list screen is displayed. You can edit the saved search criteria (rename/share on/off) and delete it from the icon that appears when you hover your mouse over it.

  • [My Department All the users] and [My Department My records] will be added to the user's selections, such as Owner, Registrant, and Renewer.


2 Detail Screen

  • The top of the screen is always visible when you open the detail screen.


3 List Screen

  • The original search name is displayed on the right side of the "XX Iist".


  • The phase, phase date, and number of days elapsed are displayed to the right of each data title.


  • The "Filter" button at the top of the Resume/Job List screen has been removed.
  • The checkbox for [Show items updated within 1 year] will be removed.
  • The [Customize View] link will be removed.


  • If there is no process data in the Resume/JOB list, [(None)] will be displayed.

  • The [Refine] button on the sidebar is gone, and the [Search] button and [+Save Search Criteria] button are added next to the resource name. Click the [Search] button to open the search screen with the search criteria preserved. Click the [+New Saved Search] button to add the current search criteria to your search criteria.


  • The resume title has been changed from "Resume" (Resume.P_Name) to "Person" (Person.P_Name).



4 Matching Search Result Screen

  • Once the quick view is displayed, the combination will be lightly grayed out so it's easy to see if it's already been viewed.


5 Edit Screen

  • When you change the phase, the phase date will also automatically change to the current time. The message "Phase date updated" will be displayed for 3 seconds to show that the phase date has been changed.


6 Quick View Screen

  • The Quick View screen, which is displayed from the matching results list, will be separated by groups, similar to the detail screen.

7 Top Page

  • The 'Export Job Data' link has been changed to a link to 'PORTERS IMEX Job-Posting'.

8 Global Menu

  • The Saved Search and Recently Accessed can display up to 20 items each.
  • The Saved Search will show the shared terms at the top, and your own terms that you didn't share will appear below it.
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