【Done / Fixed】2020/10/20 HRBC 4.0.24 Release Note

HR- Business Cloud ( termed as HRBC) Version4.0.24  will provide the following feature.


【Date and Time】

October 20th, 2020(Tue)am 07:00~ am 09:00(JST)

※The maintenance times are subject to change.

※Services will be available as usual during the above hours.


【New Feature】


1 Implementing Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics ("GA") to maintain HRBC, resolve technical issues, support customer inquiries, analyze usage and identify and improve our services.


< Information to be collected >
*What page is being displayed (URL), the speed at which the page is being displayed, and the time spent on the page.
*The name of your browser and its version.
*OS and its version (Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.)
*Screen resolution and color processing capability
*Location (Japan, etc.)
*Java Script performance on PC
*Language of the browser used


If you don't want us to use GA, you can uncheck "Allow Google Analytics" in the following two places.

* Company Profile Screen: if you want to deactivate the GA's ability to obtain information about the entire HRBC
Step by step - Go to Settings > Company Profile > Edit Account Information > Uncheck "Allow Google Analytics" and save it

* User info screen: To release the information for each user
Step-by-step  - User Name > User Info > Uncheck "Allow Google Analytics" and save it



【Bug Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that a reference type item is separated by three digits on the edit screen even if the reference source is a numeric type item that does not have a comma-separated list of every three digits.

2. Fixed a bug that if you click "No" on the "Do you want to send the bulk mail?" dialog when sending a bulk mail, when you click the "Send" button on the new mail sending screen, you cannot send the mail.

3. Fixed a bug that prevented the merge from being executed due to an error in the numeric type item in the merge.

4. Fixed a bug in the API that caused an error 101 when specifying the data registrant/update person when registering a new phase.

5. Fixed a bug that prevents you from getting the results when you press and hold a link when importing or exporting.

6. Fixed a bug in the conversion settings of the export option shema, when multiple conversion settings are set, a value converted in the higher conversion settings is further converted in the lower conversion settings.

7. Fixed a bug in which another company's user ID was assigned to the API when it was accessed by another company at the same time.

8. Fixed a bug that alerts you to specify the destination when you open the export screen from the list by clicking on the original search in the activity search screen, even though the destination is already specified.

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