【Done / Fixed】2021/11/16 HRBC 5.3.1 Release Note

HR- Business Cloud ( termed as HRBC) Version 5.3.1 will have the following changes.
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Date and Time

November 16th, 2021(Tue.)06:00~09:00

※24 hour clock system

※The maintenance time may be slightly off

※Services will be available as usual during the maintenance hours



Feature Updates

  • Changed the display of [Resource ID] in Activity.

    • What to display after the change :
      • Recruiter : {Recruiter.P_Name} / {Client.P_Name}
      • Job{Job.P_Position} / {Client.P_Name} / {Recruiter.P_Name}
      • Sales{Sales.P_id} / {Client.P_Name} / {Person.P_Name}

    • Scope of Changes :
      • Activity New List View [Resource ID]
      • Activity Detail View [Resource ID]

  • Client Name is now added to the [Recently Accessed] display in the Recruiter menu.
     What to display after the change : {Recruiter.P_Name} / {Client.P_Name}

  • Changed so that error messages are not displayed when both parameters are set in the action menu URL of Job/Resume, even if they are not matching.
    * This feature has been added in Version 5.3.0New Features - 3).


Bug Fixes

  • The following is a bug fix for customers who started using HRBC after May of this year.
    1. Fixed a bug in which the [Resource] and [Resource ID] fields were sometimes empty when saving an Activity.
    2. Fixed a bug that the job is not displayed correctly when creating a new Sales if the Process is set to a different Recruiter than the Job.




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