【Done / Fixed】2022/02/15 HRBC 5.5.0 Release Note

HR- Business Cloud ( termed as HRBC) Version 5.5.0 will have the following changes.
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【Date and Time】

February 15th, 2022(Tue.)06:00~09:00

※24 hour clock system
※The maintenance time may be slightly off
※Services will be available as usual during the maintenance hours



New Features

1 It is now possible to set the share target for "Shared Search Condition".

  • It is now possible to set the share target for "Shared Search Condition" by "Department" or "User".
  • This can be used when you want to share your Search Condition only with specific departments or users.


  • If you check the "Share" checkbox, you can select from "Share with Department/User".
    * The "Shared Search Condition" created before the release of this version have been shared by all users.



2 Improved usability of the search screen.


  • When entering Number type items, you always had to select "Greater than or equal to", "Less than or equal to", etc. before entering the numeric value, but now it has been improved so that you can enter the numeric value from the beginning.


  • When displaying the second level of a search box type item, the maximum number of options that can be displayed at one time was previously 20, but it has been improved so that a maximum of 50 options can be displayed.
  • When the number of choices is large, the number of times you have to click [See more...] will be reduced.


  • Improved the display of checkboxes and choice names in the checkbox type choice items so that they are not separated by a line break.


  • When searching for a search box option type from the global menu [Search], the switch between "Option" and "Text" will now maintain the status of the previous search.



Feature Updates


  • In the New List View, the "Add Process Screen" displayed from the Job/Resume action menu has been changed to the same screen as the old list.


  • Added the following text to the old list view: "Notice of planned termination of old list view service on June 13, 2022."


  • In the mail template creation screen where Job Block can be set, when {Client}, {Recruiter}, and {Job} tags are inserted directly into the mail template without setting them in the Job Block, the word "You can use the template by setting a Job Block." will now be displayed.



【Bug Fixes】


  • Fixed a bug where the color setting of the option type item did not reflect the setting the first time it was set to "Black/Bold".
  • Fixed a bug in which the "folder" text was displayed in the tab to edit the report name in the report edit screen.



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