【Done / Fixed】2022/06/14 PORTERS 6.0.0 Release Note

PORTERS Version 6.0.0 will have the following changes.

* "HRBC" has been renamed "PORTERS" since April 1st, 2022.


【Date and Time】

June 14th, 2022(Tue.)06:00~09:00

* 24 hour clock system
* The maintenance time may be slightly off
* Services will be available as usual during the maintenance hours



【New Features】


Service provision of the old list view will cease as of June 13, 2022.

  • All the list views will be displayed in a "New List View" format.
    "New List View" is an Excel-like operation that provides more convenient functions.



  • With the termination of the old list view service, the buttons related to the old list view will no longer be displayed on the customize screen.






  • Before this release, the "New List View" and the old list view can be used together.
    If you use the two together, you will be able to experience the difference between the two and become familiar with the operation of "New List View".


  • The "New List View" does not automatically display the items that were titles in the old list view, so customization is required if necessary.


  • After this release, the old list view will not be available for any reason.



【Bug Fixes】


  • Fixed a bug in Multi Line Text type items in the edit screen that could not be enlarged using the resize function displayed in the lower right corner of the text box.
  • Fixed a bug in which the list of "phases" (check boxes) in the search condition sidebar of the list view were displayed in a hidden (closed) state by default.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving a mail template when "JOB Block" or "Resume Block" was saved with more than 5001 characters on the email template screen.


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