【Done / Fixed】2022/07/26 PORTERS 6.1.0 Release Note

PORTERS Version 6.1.0 will have the following changes.

* "HRBC" has been renamed "PORTERS" since April 1st, 2022.


【Date and Time】

July 26th, 2022(Tue.)06:00~09:00

* 24 hour clock system
* The maintenance time may be slightly off
* Services will be available as usual during the maintenance hours



【New Features】


1 In the search screen, an item that can be selected in "Sort Order" has been added.


  • The "Sort Order" of search results that can be selected on the search screen can now be set to ascending or descending order for items created with the "Date Type", "Date Time Type", "Number Type", "Currency Type", or "Age Type".


  • You can also choose from "Date Created", "Date Updated", and "Phase Date" in ascending or descending order as before.


  • For example, when searching resumes, the list view can be displayed in order of " Employment start date" to the nearest available start date.



2 The number of closed cases is displayed in the Process Group.


  • The number of closed process can now be checked in the Process Phase Group field of the Job List and Resume List.


  • The number of processes with "End Flag" is now displayed in parentheses ( ) under the number of currently processes.



【Feature Updates】


  • The search condition sidebar on the list view now remembers whether to show or hide the display.

    • If the search condition sidebar is left displayed, it will remain displayed the next time the list view is opened.

    • If the search condition sidebar is hidden, it will remain hidden the next time the list view is opened.


  • Added a field usable inside the URL for the Job / Resume bulk action.

    • For bulk actions on Jobs, {{Resume.P_Id}} can now be used as a parameter to be embedded in the URL.

    • For bulk actions on resumes, {{Job.P_Id}} can now be used as a parameter to be embedded in the URL.


  • When sorting in ascending/descending order in the list view, the display position of blank data has been changed as follows.

    • Ascending order (A → Z): Blanks are displayed at the top (previously at the bottom)

    • Descending order (Z → A): Blanks are displayed at the bottom (previously at the top)


  • Added [This Month or Earlier] and [This Month or Later] search options for Date Type items, Date Time Type items, and some System Type items.



【Bug Fixes】


  • Fixed a bug that prevented users whose End Date was set to a date in the past from being sorted correctly when sorting Owner items in the sort function of the list view.




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