【Complete】2018/09/11 HRBC 4.0.1 Release

We will be carrying out system maintenance.





*Japan Time

*The maintenance time may be slightly off.

*HRBC system can be used throughout the maintenance hours.



■HRBC 4.0.1 Release

1.Select multiple options for an item and merge

2.Set the record to be used as base

3.Bug Fix


HRBC ReleaseNote



■Change domain of Smart Document management screen

On the Smart Document management screen for template management etc.

Change the domain.

If it is registered as a bookmark etc., please change it.


Before : https://app-doc.porterscloud.com/.....

After  : https://app.doc.porterscloud.com/.....


* The hyphen after "app" is changed to period.

* It will be redirected until 2018/10/09. After 2018/10/09, you can not access the previous domain.


[HRBC ReleaseNote]

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