Q. My password is disabled and my account locked

※Depending on the password security settings, if login fails after a certain number of attempts, the user account can be locked.


●The case of user whose account got locked is a System Administrator : Click  「Click here to reset your password」 which is just below the password input field.

An email notification is sent. Please click the URL and follow the instructions to reset password.

The account gets unlocked as well.




●The case of user whose account got locked is a Standard User: Request a System Administrator account holder within your company to reset your password. 

The System Administrator will need to use the action menu of the user whose account got locked and click 'Unlock Account' then 'Reset Password and Notify'. 

For details on how to reset password and unlock account, Click Here

※Please note that Porters Corporation does not keep records of client's passwords. 

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