ZLOSS: Getting started.


・ Begin using the app

・ Candidate settings


・ Agent settings

・ Meeting Settings

・ Preview

・ Semi-automate the URL creation


Begin using the app.

Please complete the required settings to utilize ZLOSS.




Open the HRBC Apps List, and find the ZLOSS app. Click "Go to subscribe screen" to begin using ZLOSS. Please note that ZLOSS is free as long as you are a paid HRBC user.

Click the following link if you can't find the ZLOSS app on the screen.




You may see the authorization request screen. Please read it through and accept it if everything looks fine.




It will take several minutes to load and synchronize initial data. It will automatically jump to the screen like the above image.

We recommend you bookmark this page to revisit the ZLOSS admin console.


There's some red circle on the left menu. You can erase them by completing settings and ZLOSS is ready once you erase all of the red circles.


Candidate settings

Candidates on ZLOSS will see the entry form, appointment calendar, and questionnaire form in this order.


Entry form



You can customize the entry form. In the initial state, you can find a name and email address. Those two are essential for ZLOSS and you can't delete them. You can add any number of questions here, however, we recommend you 6 or fewer questions here. Too many questions may cause a high bounce rate.

You can synchronize the HRBC fields and users by clicking the "Sync HRBC items" button. It is useful when you add a new field and/or a new user. The synchronization happens every night, so don't need to click it every time you log in to the ZLOSS console. Please don't forget to reload the page if you have successfully synchronized the HRBC data.




Clicking the "Add" button or edit button shows you the dialog above.

  • Form Name: The form title for candidates. (e.g. Please enter your name.)
  • HRBC Item: The field to save data.
  • Placeholder: Placeholder of the form. (e.g. Larry M. Becker)

You can choose if the field is required or not.


You can set the data range when the HRBC item is either numerical or age type. ZLOSS skips the date arrangement if the input of the candidate is out of that range.

So for instance, if you set the age is up to 35 years old, then 36+ years old candidates can't choose the interview dates. Please note that even if ZLOSS skips the date arrangement, ZLOSS still registers the data to HRBC.




You can set the data range when the HRBC item is an option (radio box, check box, or radio button). ZLOSS skips the date arrangement if the input of the candidate is out of that range.


The form item which has a data range condition must be required. You can't set it as an optional item.


Questionnaire Form



Questionnaires are shown after finishing the interview arrangement.

The functionality is almost the same as the entry form, but you can't make any forms required and can't set the data range for filtering.


Duplicated Resume



ZLOSS can skip the candidates who already exist on HRBC. If you want to do so, please choose which phase should be skipped. The data is considered as duplicated when any of the following conditions is satisfied:

  1. Perfect match of email addresses.
  2. Perfect match of phone numbers.
  3. Perfect match of the combination of the birth date and full name.




You can edit the template of automated emails.
*The sender of all notification e-mails from ZLOSS is “noreply@mailgun.porters.jp”.

Clicking "Apply default template" inserts the email template.





You can change the visual settings of ZLOSS.

  • Eye-catching image: The image at the top page. (jpg, png, gif)
  • Image word: Overlay words on the image. (Optional)
  • Headline: The headline underneath the image.
  • Subtitle: The subtitle underneath the headline.
  • Message: Detailed explanation underneath the subtitle. Please write some explanation why candidates see this screen (ZLOSS).
  • HTTP link of Terms of Use: You can use your own link for Terms of Use. The default is for ZLOSS.
  • Title of Terms of Use: You can change the name of the link, e.g. Privacy Policy.


Agent settings

Calendar service



You can connect to the Google Calendar or Outlook here.


Connect to Calendar

The benefits of synchronization with Google Calendar or Outlook are as follows:

  • Avoid double booking with other irrelevant events.
  • Events are automatically created on the interviewer's calendar.
  • Online meeting links such as Google Meet or Microsoft Teams Meeting will be provided automatically.

We recommend connecting them if your organization uses Google Calendar or Outlook on daily basis.


To synchronize calendars, please use the admin account of Google/Microsoft which can add a new third-party app.


ZLOSS creates an event through an "Event Owner" account. Please refer to the help page of Event Owner for more detail.

Please tell ZLOSS which HRBC users should be considered as interviewers on your left: "Interviewers (HRBC users)". Then please tell ZLOSS which calendar account is the corresponding calendar for each interviewer.

The troubleshooting may help you if you have a connection issue.


All the interviewers in segments should have corresponding calendars. Segment settings should be explained later.


No need for a calendar

Please check "No need for calendar linkage" and hit the save button.





Define the HRBC Resume Phase when:

  • the candidate submits the entry form (before fixing the interview date).
  • the candidate books an interview schedule.
  • a candidate has already been registered on HRBC.
  • the entry conditions are not matched and the schedule adjustment is skipped.
  • (optional) a reminder email is sent to the candidate.


Meeting settings > Segment



"Segment" can be considered as a group of interviewers. You can set not only the interviews but also available slots and maps and more for each segment.



There are two segment templates, "Select a person" or "Select a place", but the functionalities are the same. The difference between them is only the words. Try to choose them if it's hard to come up with appropriate sentences.




・Segment name

This is visible for candidates. So it should be obvious and insightful for them. 


・Interview method

You can choose an online interview, face-to-face interview, and/or phone interview. No map.


  Display Map.

Generate Meeting URL.

* If you sync the calendar.

Assign Meeting Room.

* If you sync the calendar.

Online interview   ✔️ ✔️
Face-to-face interview ✔️   ✔️
Phone interview     ✔️


Please note that if you don't connect to the third-party calendar, the meeting URL or meeting room won't be provided. Google Calendar creates Google Meet URL, and Outlook creates Teams Meeting URL.



Images and descriptions are not required, however, they are quite useful to fascinate candidates and move forward. Please input your office address, building image, interviewer profile, etc.


・Interview day

Set the available days of the week and hours.

If you connect to the third-party calendar, ZLOSS finds available slots based on the segment settings and interviewers' calendars.

If you don't connect to the third-party calendar, ZLOSS only checks the former interview bookings to avoid the collision.



Choose the interviewers of the segment. You can choose the sort order of interviewers.


Meeting Settings > Holidays


You can choose the holiday calendars by country. When you do so, the national holidays are automatically applied to your (virtual) calendar and the interviews will be skipped on those days. If you don't want to skip a specific holiday, check the right box. 


Also if you have a special company holiday, create one on your top right button. You have to enter it every year.


Other Settings


This is the last setting.

Please provide a random email on the "Forwarding destination of emails via recruiting media". This is not used now.

And provide email addresses on the "Notification destination when a system error occurs". For instance, errors may happen when you delete the fields on HRBC which is used on ZLOSS.



You can now eliminate all the red marks and can show the "Sharing URLs".




URLs that you can generate here are your unique URLs. Copy and paste this URL on your website or reply email on the recruiting media.

You can create any number of URLs.

"Persisted URL" can be used any time, on the other hand, "One-time URL" will be vanished after the successful entry.





URL name which isn't shared with your candidates.


・Segment name (optional)

Choose one if you want to pre-select the segment.


・Intervier (optional)

Choose one if you want to assign an interviewer beforehand. You have to choose the segment first.


・Resume ID (optional)

If there are existing data on HRBC, you can set the Resume ID here. In that case, the entry form is skipped and the candidate can directly go to date arrangement.


・This URL is valid only once. (optional)

Invalidate the URL upon the successful entry.


Semi-automate the URL creation

You can create a custom button on HRBC to semi-automate the URL creation process.

The URL of ZLOSS is the same as the one on the "Sharing URLs" page. You can utilize the query parameters to input the data automatically. ( {tenant-name} should be replaced to your own tenant name. Check your ZLOSS URL by clicking here.)


e.g. https://{tenant-name}.zloss.porterscloud.com/admin/send-urls?url-name={{Resume.P_Name}}&resume-id={{Resume.P_Id}}&submit=1


Available parameters are as follows:



Parameter name


URL name



Resume ID



Segment ID



Interviewer ID






Create automatically




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