ZLOSS: Troubleshooting

Why does ZLOSS skip arranging interview dates?

ZLOSS intentionally skips arranging interview dates based on the candidate profile. Please revisit ZLOSS: Overview and change your configuration if required.

If the candidate information matches the following conditions, the ZLOSS doesn't arrange the interview date:

  1. The candidate is registered on HRBC
  2. and has a designated phase as the recent phase

#1 is decided whether any of these conditions are satisfied:

  1. Email addresses are completely the same
  2. or the phone numbers are completely the same (if there's a phone number input)
  3. or the combination of the birth date and the name are completely the same.

If you don't want to skip any candidates, please uncheck all the phases on the settings page.


Why am I getting errors from Google Calendar?

You may see this error when trying to authenticate with Google Calendar:

Error 400: admin_policy_enforced
Access to your account data is restricted by policies within your organization.

Please try following three steps to solve your issue.

  1. Check if you are an admin of Google Workspace.


Visit the above website and you have to see a message saying "You are an admin". Otherwise please use the Google admin account for authentication.


  1. Allow all third-party API access. 

Google Admin -> Security -> API controls -> Turn of "Block all third-party API access"

Please follow your organization's policy, and if you are not allowed to do this, please proceed with #3.



Reload the ZLOSS admin page and try the authentication again. If you still see the error please move on to #3.

  1. Allow ZLOSS app by manual.

Google Admin -> Security > API Controls > Manage Third-Party App Access > Apps > Configure new app > Click "OAuth App Name Or Client ID"




Search "ZLOSS" and you will find the app named "ZLOSS (Porters)". Choose it and click "Select". Choose "Trusted: Can access all Google services" and click "CONFIGURE".


Reload the ZLOSS admin page and try the authentication again.


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