How to Login



Login URL:


Company ID

Company ID is same for the whole company. If you don't know it please ask your system administrator user.

When making inquiries to PORTERS help desk, please state your company ID.

Email Address

This is the user email address.
It's recognized as a unique ID for a specific user.


It is generated by the system and sent to the user's email address.

If a system administrator user has forgotten their password, the system administrator can reset the password from the "Click here to reset your password" just below the login details.

If a system administrator account has been locked, the system administrator can reset your password from "Click here to reset your password" just below the login details.

Standard users should ask their internal system administrator to reissue or unlock their account.

※Please note that PORTERS does not keep a record of it's clients' password.


After registration and password issuance on PORTERS, two notification e-mails will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Please check the contents of the email and enter your login information.

※ The email is sent from: PORTERS system <>

※ If you do not see the email, please check your spam folder. 


However, please note that you will not be able to log in until after the start date.

If you try to log in before the start date of use, you will receive an error message "Email address or password is incorrect" even if you have entered the correct login information.


Notification e-mail (1) Subject: Notification of completion of new PORTERS user registration.


Notification e-mail (2) Subject: Notification of password after new PORTERS user registration


After login, the password change screen may appear.

This screen will appear if a password change was enforced when the user was added.



A notification screen will appear when there is a new notification. Please check the contents and press "OK".



The TOP screen will appear and you can start your work.



When unable to login

■Getting the error "username or password is incorrect".

This error message appears when the company ID, username, or password is incorrect or user account cannot be used yet.

Please confirm the following:

・Does the string you entered contain extra spaces?
・Are you sure you have not mixed up upper-case, or lower-case letters?
・Is the password between 8 and 20 characters long?
(This does not apply if the minimum password length has been changed to 8 characters or less)
・Is the relevant user ID valid? (you cannot log in before the start date of use or after the end date of use)

If you still cannot log in after checking the above, a system administrator can reissue their own password from "Click here to reset your password" just below the login details.

If the account is locked, a system administrator can reset their password from "Click here to reset your password" just below the login details.

Standard users can ask their system administrator to reissue their password or unlock their account.

※PORTERS cannot re-issue passord.

※Depending on the password security settings, user accounts may be locked after a certain number of failed login attempts. Please ask your system administrator to check the settings and unlock the account.


■Getting the error "Error 901, no access rights".

PORTERS allows you to restrict the IP addresses that can log in to PORTERS.

If IP address restriction is enabled, the above error will occur when trying to access from an unauthorized IP address.

Please check with your system administrator to see if IP address restrictions are enabled.

If it is enabled, please ask them to add the necessary IP addresses as allowed IPs or consider remote access settings.



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