Customizing Phase

In HRBC there is an item called "phase" for managing the status of each data.
For example, you can manage the candidate's status by giving status names such as "entry", "open" and "close" in the candidate's phase.
Unlike other option type items, the flow of the phase can be controlled such that "close" option can not be selected unless "open" is selected after "entry".
Phase is an option type item, but because it has a flow control function, it is managed separately from option editing.
If you want to edit the phase, click phase "Edit" on the customize screen.

From the dropdown menu, select the resource (Client, JOB, Resume etc.) whose phase you wish to edit.

If you want to add a new phase, click the "Add" button at the top right of the phase list.

The Phase Edit screen will open, enter the name of the phase and save.

The newly created phase is displayed at the bottom of the phase list, rearrange and save the order as necessary.

To delete the created phase, please click the trash can button

If you click the trash can button, a confirmation message will be displayed, so click "Yes" if you wish to delete it.

If there is data in the selected phase, including the past phases, the phase can not be deleted and a notification message will be displayed.

If you do not want to display on the screen phases that can not be deleted, you can select "Hide".
Click the pencil button to edit the phase.

Check the "Hide" box and save.

On the right side of the name of the hidden phase, [Hide] is displayed.
When all settings are completed, click "Save" on the upper right side of the customize screen.

Setting is completed if the message "Phase layout saved." is displayed.

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