Customizing the global menu

If you wish to display / hide the global menu, change the menu names, rearrange the menu order, or copy the menu, you can do that on the customization page by clicking Main Menu 'Edit'.



You can change to display /hide and rearrange the global menu just by moving each menu by dragging and dropping on the 'Main Menu' Edit screen.

Also,  by clicking the pencil icon on each menu name, the below settings can be performed.

  • Menu names
  • Menu theme (Color setting for each menu)
  • Fields to be displayed in the new UI list view




  1. Click the pencil icon of the menu that you wish to edit.

  2. Set the menu name and menu theme from the menu name tab.

    • These menu names are those displayed on the global menu (Menus with the black background)
      Even if you change the menu name, the resource name does not change.
      The name displayed on the sublist is the resource name and not menu names.

    • Assign different menu themes for Jobs and Resume menus to make it easier to instantly know which menu is currently in operation.



  3. Set the fields to be displayed on list view screen.
      • This step is not necessary for those who are using the old list view screen.
        For the old list view screen, the layout is the same as that of the old menu.

      • Here is a sample prepared to show the kind of fields that should be displayed on the new list view screen.
        Please see here for details on how to make settings on the new list view screen.



Multiple menus can be made from one resource to show JOBS, Open Jobs, Jobs with Process etc.

For example, it is possible to pick only the jobs  whose phase is open and display them on the menu 'Open Jobs'.

Unlike the original search for each user, this setting is reflected on all users, so you can make settings according to the work flow and increase work efficiency.


●If you wish to create a new menu, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click the "New" button on the menu edit screen and a list of the base menu to select from is displayed. Select the base menu.
    ※You can not create an entirely new menu; you have to use the base of an existing menu.


  2. 「Menu name」 tab opens. Please select an easy to understand menu name and theme color.


  3. Click the 「list View」 tab and set the fields to be displayed in the new list view.
    ※This setting is not necessary for those using the old list view.
    ※For the old list view, layout for the list view will be same as that of the base menu.


  4. Click the 「Initial Condition」 tab, set the initial conditions of display data and save.
    Only option fields can be set in the Initial conditions.


  5. Since the created menu is hidden, move it to display by drag & drop and click the 「Save Layout」button.


  6. When the process is successfully completed, a message will be displayed, so click 「OK」.


  7. Confirm the actual menu.

    • Some of the data in the base 「JOB」 menu have no phases registered on them while others have phases other than open.

    • On the other hand, only jobs with 「Open」 phase are displayed in the newly created Open JOB list.










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