Overview of HRBC Customization

HRBC is a highly customizable system that allows you to set the display of the items on the list screen, the layout of the items displayed on the detail screen, create necessary items for your company, set mandatory fields for data input and so on.
However, because of the extreme flexibility of the system, we recommend that you make it as simple as possible to enhance smooth use of the system. Otherwise, if you create too many items, or create items which do not match the intended use, it may be difficult to operate the system.
Please take sufficient time for designing the system to fit your business before starting the actual operation of HRBC, and also review your work about 1 to 3 months after start of operation.

Useful Points for Design
"Do not create unnecessary items, make the screen as simple as possible
If it takes too much time to input, it may hinder other work"

"Hide the existing unused items, do not delete them
It may be used as an existing item on PDF creation, import, export criteria."

"Items necessary for matching are created in ""JOB"" and ""Resume""
Items created on other screens are not subject to matching data"

"When creating items, select the item type with consideration for the purpose
Be ware of which item type is the best when searching, data registration and linkage to external platforms"

"Customization is carried out at the time of system installation and at the time of work review
Frequent changes tend to make information management complicated"

Customize function
HRBC data has a hierarchical structure.
Before customizing, it is advisable to first understand HRBC Data Structure, and you can create a more user-friendly system.
Please check each page for details on how to operate.

For each resource (company, JOB, Candidate, etc.), it is possible to change the layout of the items such as Add New screen, Settings screen, Rearrange items and so on.
The layout of Add New and Detail View items can be changed from [Detail View & Items] and that of List View can be changed from the [List View] on the customization page.

Option Schema
Option masters that are used for option items are managed here.
You can add, edit and delete options.

You can change to display/hide global menu items.
You can also create a menu with a default input value.

You can display/hide the sublist items at the bottom of the detail view screen.
In addition, it is also possible to set the items displayed in each sublist.

Action Menu
You can change the names and order of the action menus displayed on the list view screens and detail view screens, as well as create custom actions.
A custom action is that which when a URL or Web application is registered in HRBC, by clicking the action it enables you to directly go to a website or external application.

It is possible to perform editing such as adding phase options and setting phase progress control.
From the [Edit] tab, you can add, edit, delete options used in a Phase, and from the [Phase Progress] tab you can set the control for progress from one phase to the next.

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