How to Customize the Sublist

Information related to a resource is displayed as "sublist" at the bottom of the detail screen.

If you want to change items and related information displayed on the sublist, you can do so from the Sublist "Edit" on the customization page.

* The "Matching" sublists in the Job and Resume hierarchies are only visible in the old list screen.
* The "Matching" sublists in the old list screen is a fixed display. Its position can not be changed and its display can not be hidden.

First of all, please select from the dropdown menu which sublist resource you wish to edit.

The left side of the sublist editing screen is the list of "Used Sublist" and the right side is "Unused Sublist".
Use drag & drop to rearrange the order of the used sublist and to switch items between the "used sublist" and "unused sublist".
* The "Matching" sublists that exist in the Job and Resume hierarchies are only displayed in the old list screen.

If you want to change the name of any sublist or change the display items, you can edit by clicking the pencil button.

You can change the display name on the "Name" tab.
If you want the name to be the same as the action name of the global menu, please use the parameter described as "default".

You can change the display items on the "Field" tab.
If you want to add a display item, please drag and drop the corresponding item from the "Unused Fields" on the left side to the "Used Fields" on the right side.
If you want to hide the displayed item, click the "×" button displayed on the right side of the corresponding item.
When you click the "Save" button you return to the sublist edit screen.

When all editing is completed please be sure to click on the "Save Layout" button and save the changes.

Please note that if you change to another screen without clicking the "Save Layout" button, the modified contents will not be saved.

[Important Points]
Sublist | Attachment" exists in each resource such as a company, JOB, resume etc. You can not browse across resources.
For example, files are saved separately in Client and JOB, Personal contacts and Candidate.
If you find that you can make a mistake because all resources have a "sublist | attached file", you can display "sublist | attached file" only on JOB and Resume, and hide the rest. It will prevented you from attaching a file to the wrong place.
In addition, even if you hide "sublist | attached file" which was originally displayed, the attached files will remain, so when the sublist is displayed again, the files will be displayed as attachment .

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