Creating Groups

A group is like a title band to distinguish each item.
If you create a group, you can not only group items of the samecategory but also fold the groups in the display of Detail View or Import / Export setting screen.

To create a group, click the "New" button displayed on the right side of "Group" in "Detail View & Items".



Enter the name of the Group, select the number of columns for the items under the Group from Count, either one or two, and save it to complete the creation of the Group.


Since it is hidden at the time of creation, drag and drop to the place you wish and click "Save Layout".


The process is completed when the "Layout saved." message appears.____64-2.PNG


If you want to change the name of the created Group or the number of columns, use the pencil mark, if you want to delete the Group, please hide it first and click the trash can mark.
* To hide a Group, you need to hide all of the items under it or move them to another Group first.



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