Phase Flow Control

■Overview of phase flow control
Phase is an important item to manage the progress of each data.
By creating and implementing entries in the Resume phase like "Entry", "First consultation done", "Open (introduction possible)" etc. , you can manage the candidate's progress.
Thorough management is possible by utilizing phase flow control according to business flow such as "Initial consultation" phase can only come after "entry" phase.

You can check whether or not the settings for phase control flow have been done by opening the edit screen from the action menu.
For example you have a resume that is at "entry" phase and you open the editing screen.

If phase flow control is not set, all phase options are displayed in the dropdown list.

When the phase flow control is set, later stage options are hidden such that after for example "Entry" you can not suddenly select "Open (introduction possible)" or later stages.

Additionally, it is now possible to change the phase directly on the New List View by placing the cursor over the pencil icon.


■ Setting phase flow control
To set up phase flow control, click "Edit" in Phase on the Customize screen, select the resource and click the "Flow Control" tab.

From the list of phases displayed on the left click on the phase to be the base and check only the phases that can be registered next from the list on the right.
If you want to make it impossible to select "Open (open for jobs)" or later stages after "Entry", click "Entry" in the Phase List on the left side, and in the list on the right side, uncheck "Open (open for jobs)" and save it.

The setting is completed if the message "Phase flow setting saved" is displayed,.

■ Deleting phase flow control
If you want to remove the set flow control, simply click "Reset" on the Phase flow setting screen of the corresponding resource.

A confirmation message will be displayed and click "Yes" to cancel the setting.
※Do NOT click "Save".

■ Important points on phase flow control
Please note the following points when setting phase flow control.

Selectable Phase Restrictions
The phase displayed in the dropdown when opening the edit screen is limited depending on the settings.

Phase update at the time of sending one email
Only the options that conform to the settings of the flow control are displayed in the "Phase Update" part of the mail screen.
If you click a mail template that has a phase that does not match the phase flow control settings, a message will be displayed.
It is possible to apply contents other than phases such as subject and body.

Phase update at the time of sending bulk mail
A message will be displayed when you click the "Send" button on the mail screen.

If the phase does not match the settings of the phase flow control, the mail can not be sent and the error will be shown on the sent email results CSV file details.

Phase update at the time of Bulk update
You can choose whether or not to apply phase flow control within the setting screen.

If you select to apply and the phase does not match the settings of the flow control, the data is not updated and the cause of the error is displayed on the bulk update result screen.

Edit / delete past phases
You can not edit past phase dates or delete past phases.

By resetting the progress control settings, you can edit the past phase dates and delete the past phases.

Setting when adding a new phase
If you add a new phase to a resource for which flow control has already been set, all phase flow control settings will be off (hidden) and therefore additional settings are required.

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